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Red Light Maniacs

Post by Roger » Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:13 pm

This comes under speeders as well, only they run red lights.

Just the other day I was stopped at a traffic light, the cross traffic (on this major street) was heavy, as a multitude of box stores are in the area and shoppers are trying to beat the rush by shopping during their lunch break. However, because so may people are Christmas shopping during their lunch break, they haven't beaten anything. Oh, the irony.

After what seemed like hours, the traffic light turned green and I was able to go. I was behind another vehicle so I didn't see the anything until the car speed right through the traffic light. The speed limit on that cross road is 40 mph, this cat was doing at least 60 mph. He/she missed the first vehicle, they swerved and just missed it, that was the car in front of me, who had hit their brakes, trying to stop so they wouldn't get hit. However, the car, who ran the red light, instead of slowing down, sped up, and plowed into a large concrete truck that had just made a left turn, as he had the light. And I say large because the drum looked like it was a large capacity, probably around 13 to 15 cubic yards, meaning the concrete mixer was probably weighing in the neighborhood of about 40 US tons. So it was no contest between the car and the concrete truck.

No one died, but the accident could have been avoided if that person 1) had not been speeding, 2) had not run a red light.

Just another pet peeve against drivers who run red lights.

What reality are you from?

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