What Is It That People See?

It's all about the weird green/gray guy; short and skinny who does a lot of probing of Earth's skies and other places.
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What Is It That People See?

Post by Roger » Thu Jan 11, 2018 5:37 pm

If you've ever looked up at a fairly clear sky you've seen the usual; clouds, planes, contrails, and birds. Then, sometimes we look up and see something very unusual.

Whatever it might be we see, it either doesn't follow the normal rules of physics, or it appears to be aerodynamically unsuitable, or both.

Just to give some perspective, if a person is standing on some fairly flat ground without any measurable obstructions blocking the horizon to horizon view, then in theory that person can see about 400 miles of the sky, in any direction toward the horizon, before the curvature of the earth blocks the view. So if you see something that streaks across the sky in a few seconds, then whatever it is has traveled 400 miles or more in that time. Realistically, unless the person is using some sort of visual aid, the furthest distance a person can see a object, like a jet aircraft (w/o a contrail visible), flying at about 30,000 feet, is roughly 20 miles.

Now, assuming that a jet aircaft is spotted visually on approach, at its furthest visual distance from the observer, than the plane will traverse about 40 miles of sky within visual distance of the observer. The aircraft will take 4 minutes to travel that distance, or until it's out of sight.

in our example, that's a jet aircraft the size of the USAF's F-15 Eagle, traveling at 600 mph (below the speed of sound as most jet aircraft are not allowed to fly faster than the speed of sound over heavily populated areas, or if their altitude is to low), flying at an altitude of 30,000 feet, with no contrail. Under the same circumstances if a flying object streaks literally across the sky in a handful of seconds, then it is either a technologically advanced human aircraft, or it's maybe a meteor. However, if it moves across the sky in a few seconds, stops abruptly, instantly resumes its previous velocity, then turns on a dime, you can pretty much bet it isn't a human made craft or a meteor.

As one witness related to me sometime ago, the object he observed went across the sky in a glowing streak, then zig zagged several times before shooting straight up, disappearing from sight in less time that it takes to blink. The time he stated the object was in visual distance was about 12 seconds, travelled about two-thirds of the visual sky, and was flying at an altitude of about 40,000 feet, as best as he could determine, The witness had been a meteorologist for several local radio stations and stated that the object was lower then the cirrocumulus clouds that were present. Based on the information he gave we managed to derive that the object had a velocity of 130,000 mph.

Before some armchair scientist tries to argue it was a probably just a re-entry vehicle, the greatest velocity a re-entry vehicle has attained is about 28,000 mph. Woefully lower then the 130,000 mph we estimated for the object. That's if we conveniently forget the zig zagging and shooting straight into the sky.

In another example, one day I was looking up at the sky and I saw several glowing objects flying about. Individually and together, they were performing all sorts of maneuvers. Most;y they circled right over my location. I took video, and continued to watch. The sun shone and glistened on each of these flying objects illuminating them and casuing to to glow with a bright yellow gold sheen.

After a minute or so I had noticed several things; 1) the objects velocity remained low and constant, 2) they continued to circle, 3) the entire thing seemed oddly familiar. Then it struck me. They were birds!

I continued to observe them and I noticed other things that re-affirmed my conclusion (see attached photo below).

My intent isn't to doubt the veracity of any witness, or to attempt to make an identification of an event, rather it is only to point out that it's easy to make a misidentification of whatever is seen in the sky. To clarify, whether it is a alien craft, or wether it is a flock of birds, one can easily misidentify what we see simply because we are unfamiliar with it, plus, our minds may refuse to accept what we see.

What strikes me as ironic is that skeptics are critical of the evidence that is currently available supporting the indication of otherworldly craft flying the skies of earth, then when a official (official as in US gov) video is released to support such a otherworldly existence, the skeptics raise the bar even higher.
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