Trump: The Alien?

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Trump: The Alien?

Post by Roger » Sun Mar 18, 2018 8:44 pm

After an entire year of misdeeds and malfunctions as the President of the United Statesm one can only come to one conclusion. Donald John Trump is an extraterrestrial! Or in other parlance- A L I E N

I mean, come on, its got to be the reason he's so- I don't know... imbecilic? Ya know?

Trump is gutting the FBI, just like he did with the other government departments. He's now fired a host of people from his administration. My guess is, when those people got close to the truth, the president being an alien, he had to fire them before they outted him. Right?

Somewhere in our U.S. Constitution it even says, " aliens can hereby presume to covet and inhabit the most high of places as the United States Presidency." Or something like that.

So not only do we have to concern ourselves with illegal border crossers (not cross dressers) but we also have to worry about aliens from outer space dropping off their dumbest biological rejects here on Earth.

I think ICE reallly has their work cut out for them. What with handling the border with Mexico and the alien skies. Ya know?

What reality are you from?

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