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   Not As It Seems   by   Kevin MacLeod


There are things in nature that cannot yet be described by science. Things that perplex and mystify. Things ancient beyond belief. Things that still exist. Things as yet undiscovered. Things previously discounted which can no longer be ignored.

Ghosts, Spirits, Demons, Extraterrestrials, UFOs, Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Technology, Monsters, Weird Nature: All these things and more are a small but very real aspect of our shared reality. You can run away, you can hide, you can even pretend these things are of the imagination, yet, like our cave dwelling ancestors, you shiver in fear of the mysterious, the strange and the unknown.

Science cannot use logic to explain away these vagaries of reality; Science cannot offer comfort by the use of logic on the illogical. Science is helpless in the face of these things and often laughs and turns away.

Where logic and science fail, perhaps human intuition can prove more successful in explaining these things, and if not to explain, then perhaps to accept the reality. The weird reality.




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