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1) What is a UFO?

Are some UFOs extraterrestrial craft?

3) Why are governments hiding the existence of extraterrestrial UFOs?

What is a UFO?

The reference, UFO is simply the acronym for unidentified flying object. The term was coined in 1953 by former Project Blue Book head, USAF Captain Edward J. Ruppelt. Since the official investigation of this enigmatic subject involved reports of craft of various shapes, the terms previously used; flying saucer, flying disc, flying flapjack- were inaccurate, thus the more ambiguous term UFO was employed as a catch-all.

Officially, as per United States Air Force Regulation 200-2 (effective August 12, 1954) a unidentified flying object (UFO or UFOB) is defined as any airborne object which by performance, aerodynamic characteristics, or unusual features, does not conform to any presently known aircraft or missile type, or which cannot be positively identified as a familiar object.

Essentially, by this intended and very specific official definition, a UFO is more likely to be a craft of extraterrestrial origin rather than a conventional aircraft of terrestrial origin.

Currently, unidentified flying objects are generally referred to as unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), or simply as anomalous phenomena. Some UFO investigation organizations use unidentified aerial vehicle (UAV) as a reference, adding to the confusion since the US military has long established and used the acronym, UAV, for Unmanned Airborne Vehicle, which is a human-made drone. Such further ambiguity comes with new and confusing issues concerning proper definition and correct categorization. For example, some authors and investigators have arbitrarily included ghostly orbs and ball lightening within the bounds of such definition.

Josef Allen Hynek and Jacques Vallée, both men prominent scientists in their professional fields of study, have developed two UFO classification systems to aid in determining the characteristics of an object, and eventually categorizing it. The Hynek Classification System is the simplest, best well known, and most widely used of the two. The Vallee Classification System is more descriptive, but it also incorporates presumably UFO related psychic phenomena, and other paranormal events, into its categories.

Presently, the United States military branches have no publicly known designators specific to unknown aerial phenomena (UAP) that clearly note the origin of such craft. However, there have been and continue to be various instances of slang that have been used by US military service members referring to UAP.

Here is a brief example of military slang for UFOs; foo fighter, cong chopper, fast walker, radar echo, BEGG (Bug Eyed Green Guy), among many others.

The intended ambiguity of the term UFO is partly to blame for the subsequent general public belief that any UFO is a spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin. This connotation has severely hampered serious investigation of the UFO genre, as most main stream scientists don't want to be associated with such ambiguity, and the prevailing stigma inherent in such research.

Are some UFOs extraterrestrial craft?

This question is one muddied by several factors, one factor being in what era the question is posed.

In today's modern world where technology rules in every aspect of life, the aeronautical advancements achieved throughout the last sixty years tend to undermine any steadfast answer. However, if the question were to be asked during the burgeoning years of the UFO phenomena, when human technology was far more limited -making it impossible to build a aircraft with the insanely extreme flight characteristics of a UFO- then the qualifying answer would be a resounding yes!

In fact, throughout the 1940s, 1950S, and the 1960's, and even into the early 1970s, the evidence steadily mounted in favor for the existence of interplanetary (extraterrestrial) craft plying the skies of Earth. Early on, reports poured in from every-day people, from politicians, from police officers, and even from the military, indicating that the UFO phenomena were very real events, and for various reasons, held ramifications to national security.

Based on this early evidence, which includes radar logs, photographs, films and eye-witness testimony, then yes, unidentified flying objects are real and more so, they are not only real, but the likelihood is that they are of a extraterrestrial origin.

The early evidence was usually widely publicized by the media, close to the time of a event's occurrence, making it difficult to ignore and be easily dismissed. Several inexplicable events were seen live, photographed and filmed, then published in daily news periodicals. Several times, the Air Force was called in and aircraft were sent to investigate. One such well known event is known as the White House Flap.

To summarize, the earlier evidence tends to strongly support the hypothesis that at least one highly technologically advanced extraterrestrial civilization was traveling to worlds orbiting other stars, including visiting Earth.

Why are governments hiding the existence of extraterrestrial UFOs?

If one were to examine the history of any long term civilization, including the ancient civilizations, then it's easily determined that such ruling bodies were apt to keep certain information secret, most especially if such secrets involved a civilization's survival and continuance. If there was a weakness within the civilization that would bring about it's downfall, or more specifically if such a weakness caused the demoralization, disenfranchisement and removal of the ruling body, then most definitely that weakness would be kept secret.

The official recognition of the existence of a star traveling civilization by a major world power would most certainly affect modern day societies. And, perhaps create and expose important weaknesses within human civilization.

Naturally, with extraterrestrials visiting Earth, the logical presumption arrived at is that there is a vast technological inequality between extraterrestrials and humans. Derived from the first presumption, the second logical presumption is one that exposes a weakness that threatens not only the existence of humanity, but one that can easily destroy humanities social fabric supporting law and order.

During the 1930's, Orson Wells, a well known radio personality and film actor, broadcast a live radio play of the War of the Worlds (listen to the original broadcast here, YouTube: Orson Welles - War Of The Worlds - Radio Broadcast 1938 - Complete Broadcast). There were disclaimers announced before the play began and during the show, aired by The Mercury Theater on the Air, explaining the play was fictional, however, according to court records and news paper reports, supposedly many people failed to hear the disclaimer and believed that the radio play was in actuality a Martian invasion. Some reports even have police departments becoming involved. Those people unaware it was a radio play acted in various ways, but all were motivated by terror at the thought of a alien invasion.

Orson Wells' unintended result was a learning point for the US government, as well as other governments, and thus used the reported reaction of the population as a basis to determine how to handle any release of information concerning the existence of extraterrestrials, if such were ever to be the case.

Government is only effective if the governed population continues to allow the government the authority to act on their behalf. Confusion, anger and terror can easily disrupt and destroy the continuance of government, and bring about anarchy. To help prevent such a catastrophic event to civilization governments are more than willing to hide the facts and evidence of any disruptive occurrences, including, and most especially, a extraterrestrial visitation.




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