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There are many mysteries on Earth, in outer space, and within ourselves. Perhaps the deepest and most enduring mystery is that of the human condition. Since time immemorial humans have struggled to understand and improve their condition, that is, to extend their awareness of the environment and further their understanding of nature. At times, this change involved humans altering their physical environment, at other times, humans changed their way of thinking. More importantly, humans changed how they perceived their existence. From primitive caveman -huddling in the dark until the light of the sun shone once more- to technologically evolved man -in command of the light- humanity has come far. Yet, despite humanity's crowning achievements, in each of us, there still lays waiting, the fearfully crouching cave dweller of the forgotten past.

As the humans' ancient ancestors looked up at the sky and wondered, in fear and awe, at what the bright sparkling pinpoints of light are, so do modern humans. Only, instead of the stars bringing confusion and uncertainty, it is the strange and mysterious flying objects that flit through earth's skies that fill our minds and hearts with the same dread and wonder that the caveman felt. Nor does it neither began and end at this point, for there are many mysteries that defy human understanding of our reality. We can't easily dismiss these adventive events through sheer arrogance simply because these things exceed the boundary of our belief, to do so only compounds the entrenchment of our ignorance. We have to step beyond the preconceptions that bind us to our fears, confusion, and doubt. We have to move outside the comfort of our insular naivety.

It's time to change ourselves once again, just like our long ago ancestors did, when they began to create a new reality. A reality, which in time, expanded to discover and gain new understanding of our shared reality. It might be too weird a reality for many people who have no desire to live outside the cave, but some of us humans, we would rather know and understand that which stalks the dark, flies in the skies, and makes up our weird reality.

To aid in achieving this change in the human condition the most important aspect to focus on is why we disbelieve the evidence that thus far exists. Human researchers strive to disprove the existence of the weird rather than to examine the data as objective observers. If one is to disprove datum then by the same right, one should work to prove its veracity. Perhaps no single solution will suffice to supply an answer to the mysteries of our reality, and we might yet remain ignorant and huddling near our artificial lights.




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